Generative Art 2014
Tiling designs are influenced by Islamic architectural ornament. Photographs of plant details, mostly floral, are extracted from their backgrounds and montaged into still life compositions then embedded into tiles. The tiles are arranged in bilaterally symetric compositions inspired by the research into girih tilings by Peter J. Lu. Other montage patterns are derived from photographic documentation of vernacular shrines as well as established pilgrimage sites. Details from garden grottos, roadside altars, feasts and wunderkammer inform the process of constructing altars and kaleidoscopic images. I photograph altar imagery on location, mostly in New Orleans where I have also documented the Mardi Gras Indian suits and "masking Indian" on St. Joseph's night. I share a predilection for dense surfaces and visual overload observed in the beaded suits, Vodun altars and the St. Joseph tables. The resulting surface designs employ a horror vaccui aesthetic with compressed or ambiguous space, and minute textural detail.